What Is a CT Scan?

A CT scan, an imaging procedure that takes detailed images of internal structures within the body, is called a CT scan. Radiology technologists, or radiographers, are the medical personnel who do a CT scanner. A CT scan is used to produce an x-ray of the body. This type of test is performed using a computer to create a series of images. The images are taken by a radiographer using a Gamma camera.

CT scanners are large machines with donut shapes that move inside a tunnel. A narrow table slides into the tunnel, and the patient lies on it. The gantry turns the patient. In a separate control area is the computer workstation that performs a CT scan. The monitor is used by the technician who conducts the scan. The technician watches the exam and communicates with patients via direct visual and/or audio contact.

Although a CT scan can be performed quickly and without pain, many people suffer from claustrophobia. A CT scan may be difficult to use because metal objects can distort the body’s image, making it more difficult for people to fit in the scanner. A CT scan is expensive. A CT scan can be expensive if you have insurance. Before you go, verify your coverage. The scan cost and follow-up tests are your responsibility.

It may take as long as an hour to scan the data. Newer scanners are much faster and can complete the scan in as little as ten to fifteen minutes. You might need to fast before the CT scan. Your doctor will provide detailed information. This will enable them to better understand your medical condition. The CT technician will review the images and then make recommendations. If all goes well your doctor will determine what next steps you should take to confirm that you are a good candidate.

The technologist will see you through the glass, intercom system, and video camera as part of the scan. The technologist may ask the patient to hold his/her breath during the scan. Breathing movements will blur the images. It can be scary to have a CT scan. Let the technologist know if you have claustrophobia, or any other medical condition so that he can assist you with the appropriate treatment.

It can be frightening to have a CT scan. However, it is important to stay calm. The procedure is non-invasive and relatively painless. Your doctor will inform you of what to expect. It is important to avoid any food or drink that may cause nausea. A CT scan requires that you eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet is essential for a CT scan. Avoid junk food. Before the scan, you should avoid caffeine. Staying at home is the best way to relax.

After a CT scan, your doctor can look at the images and make sure they are accurate. Your doctor will examine the results to determine if any abnormalities are present. While the scan should take approximately five to thirty minutes, you should be able to stand still for the entire procedure. The CT scanner should be running so you can talk to the technologist. You can sleep during the procedure if you are feeling uncomfortable.

A CT scan can be performed as a routine procedure. You should not have any metal objects or other objects in the area during a CT scan unless you’re breastfeeding or pregnant. CT scans cost around 10x more than an x-ray so be sure to check your insurance. Before you have a CT scan, it is advisable to consult your doctor. A CT scan will show the condition of an individual’s inner organs.

The CT scanner, a large machine in the shape of a doughnut, rotates inside the body. A small table fits into the CT scanner’s middle. The CT scanner has a rotating x-ray tube inside that sends tiny beams of x-rays at precise angles. The CT scan detects the X-rays on the other side. A CT scan can be performed with minimally invasive procedures.

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